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Kázání Davida Catto se simultánním překladem do češtiny

Datum publikace: 17. října 2011

Tentokráte jsme v našem pravidelném nedělním shromáždění přivítali milého hosta z Církve Bratrské ze stanice Luhačovice. Z angličtiny pohotově tlumočila do češtiny Jana Kopová.
Kázání bylo na text Ř 16:20 - 27. Gospel = evangelium, tedy dobrá zpráva. Evangelium je vrcholem lidské historie. Ježíš řekl Petrovi, Jakubovi a Janovi, aby šířili dobrou zprávu. Oni uposlechli a ...

Romans Chapter 16 verses 20 to 27

This is the concluding part of Paul’s letter to the Christians in Rome. The God of peace will soon crush and overthrow Satan who is the power of evil in the world. We must note that the peace of God is the peace of action and of victory. There is a kind of peace which can be had by avoiding all difficult issues and refusing to make decisions and shutting our eyes to things that should be dealt with. The peace of God is not the peace which has submitted to the world but the peace which has overcome the world.

Verses 21 to 23 we cannot identify all the group of friends who send their greetings with Paul. Timothy was Paul’s closest friend and assistant. Timothy was the person Paul saw as his successor and Timothy understood Paul’s mind very well. This is the only time we know the name of the secretary who actually wrote, with a pen, Paul’s letter. His name is Tertius and he slips in his own greeting. Great leaders need helpers and Tertius represents them all here. Paul is able to sum up a person in a word or a single sentence. Gaius is a man of hospitality. Quartus is a brother. To go down in history as the person with an open house or the person with a brotherly heart is important for all of us. Some day people will sum us up in one sentence. What will that sentence be?

Verses 25 to 27 so the letter to the Romans comes to an end with a summary of the gospel. It has taken 5 years for David to preach through Romans. The gospel is able to make people stand for truth. God once said to Ezekiel the prophet stand on your feet and I will speak to you.

When the world gives us shocks and temptations we can resist them all. A soldier in Spain during the Civil war said it is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees. Life may sometimes be difficult. Temptation is strong and the situations we face may knock us down. But the power of God’s Salvation can keep a Christian safe. God’s power makes us stand up for what is right. This gospel was preached by Paul but offered by Jesus Christ. The gospel has its source in Jesus and is sent out by people. Without Jesus there is no gospel but without people to tell the gospel others cannot hear of it.  If we have been found by Christ we must go and find others for him. When Jesus found Andrew, Andrew first went to find his brother Simon and said we have found the Messiah. Here is the Christian privilege and duty. Take the good news for ourselves and then give the good news to others.

Jesus told Peter, James and John to tell the good news so now for 20 centuries the gospel has come to Luhacovice. Thanks to others we have heard the gospel. Now the task continues to the end of time and we must keep on sharing the good news.

Jesus Christ Superstar the musical was written from the point of view of Judas Iscariot who was a traitor. Judas saw Jesus as a failure because he wanted a political kingdom to be set up and he would be famous as the finance minister, he kept the money for the disciple group.

At the same time as Jesus Christ Superstar was launched in London another story of Jesus’ life was also on stage. It was called Godspell. In this production Jesus was portrayed as a clown who had lots of fun and parties. Godspell is the old English word for gospel. A witch used to put a spell on someone which turned them into a frog. The frog had to wait until a handsome prince came and gave the frog a kiss on its lips, then the spell was broken and the frog changed into a beautiful princess. When people saw the change made in a person’s life they thought that God had put a spell on that person because they were so different. It was God’s spell. Today the word is gospel which means good news.

Now we must keep the 2000 years of tradition alive by sharing the gospel. We must bring people to Jesus who will change them into Christ’s ones which means Christians. The first name given to Christians was the Way because they were following a way which was the way of Jesus.

The plan of Jesus was to bring the good news and be the good news and our job continues in the tradition and is a part of the Jesus plan. Have you failed up to now to bring someone to Jesus for a conversion? You are glad Jesus found you. It is logical and sensible that you continue the Jesus plan. But you say it is so hard because Czech people are so atheist. I like Gypsies because they all believe in God. Let’s start with the Gypsies. But the Cikan means cheat and liar. Fine let God put a spell on them. I support the Gypsy Church in Brno; it is only 2 years old but has 50 people attending.

The gospel is the climax of history. The gospel, God's good news was always there but when Jesus came it was revealed to the world. With the coming of Jesus something unique happened. With Jesus coming eternity invaded time. God emerged on planet earth. His coming was the hinge of history. It was the event all history was leading to and now all history since his coming points back to. The world can never be the same again. Something happened which cannot be disregarded. Jesus coming is the central part of history. B.C. means Before Christ and AD means in the year of our Lord. Anno Domini. It is like the world begins all over again. The gospel is for everyone, everywhere, always. It is not a gospel meant only for Jews. The gospel for the gentiles was not an afterthought; it was God’ plan from the start. God wanted the knowledge of himself to cover the earth as the waters cover the sea. We can help to make God’s plan come true.

It is a gospel which leads to an obedient world. A world where God is King. But our obedience is not based on fear. It is based on trusting God and a surrender to God as a result of our love for him. We have fallen in love with God who is the lover of people’s souls. His love is shown best in Jesus Christ dying on a cross to make us clean from sin. The letter of Paul to the Romans comes to an end in a song of praise to God for all he has done for us.

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